At TJ Leather, we only recommend tools and supplies that we use ourselves. There’s no hype or fluff here — just the best stuff that you need to take your work to the next level.

Leatherwork Supplies 

Needle Tip Squeeze Bottle

How I Use It:

Have you struggled to paint small details with a regular paintbrush? Having to dip and re-dip the brush is inconsistent and time consuming.  These squeeze bottles save time and deliver a consistent flow of paint.

I use them to outline and fill all text in my radio straps, as well as small details in shields.


Edge Paint Marker

How I Use It:

Cutting leather leaves the edges exposed, and we need to dye them before the product is finished. I used to dip a wool dauber in dye and proceed to coat the edges. But doing it this way left me with inconsistent results.

Nowadays I use a ton of these markers. I simply fill them with dye, and proceed to paint the edges of my items. They are INCREDIBLE for radio straps and chin straps, which are some of the longest strapped goods I make.

When it comes to burnishing the edges, I have a special one of these markers with a 50/50 mix of Tokonole and water.

Shipping Supplies 

ROLLO Shipping Label Printer

How I Use It:

One of the best and least expensive thermal label printers for small businesses. It has one switch and one button, meaning you won't be stuck fiddling with menus and confusing setups. It takes less than ten minutes to set up, and has tackled everything I've thrown at it.


Please consider upgrading your shipping to use one of these. Filling out shipping labels by hand takes time and can be unreliable. With one of these printers, you'll be shipping packages with just a couple of clicks.


Thermal Shipping Labels

How I Use It:

The shipping label printer above can't work without these self-adhesive labels.

They measure 4"W x 6"L and are perfect for USPS/UPS/FedEx shipping labels.

Plus they look super cool when they're feeding into the machine. 


Shipping Label Holder

How I Use It:

You don't necessarily need one of these label holders, but they help keep your desk organized.

Specifically made for thermal labels, this holder can use both rolls and the fan-fold labels above.

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